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Design Technology

Design and Technology (DT) at St Aloysius

At St Aloysius, our DT curriculum provides the opportunity for children to explore various forms of design and technology and immerse themselves in the process from beginning a project and researching, to creating their very own design and making their product. It allows children to express themselves with their creativity and teach them valuable skills.

What do we aim to do within our Design and Technology?

  • Provide children with the opportunities to research existing products/recipes from all over the world to see how a product is designed and made.
  • Provide the children with the opportunity to experiment, prepare and test various materials to find the most suitable for their project.
  • To allow children to express their creativity and improve their skills in a variety of different contexts.
  • Create their own design and vision that they follow in the creation of their product.
  • Inspire children to develop new passions they may not usually get to experience.
  • Teach the importance of health and safety and the role it plays in a successful project.
  • Make cross-curricular connections from their projects to other subject areas within school.

What does our Design and Technology look like in the classroom?

  • Exploring existing products, designs and cultures in a hands-on manner to explore the steps required to create a product.
  • Fun, engaging lessons where children take responsibility to make their own choices and decisions with how to design their product.
  • Children exploring and developing their skills through practice and use of tools.
  • Proud children of their work and effort to create their final product that is tailored to their design.

What are the outcomes of Design and Technology within our school?

  • Children are able to follow a design criteria and the steps needed to design, develop and create a product.
  • Children can effectively suggest an appropriate target audience for a product and work towards developing a suitable product to meet their needs.
  • Children will show an improved confidence when selecting and using appropriate tools and methods to create a product.
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