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Here at St Aloysius attendance and punctuality is extremely important. We promote good attendance and celebrate achievement by rewarding improvement and motivating students to attend school.

Research shows that children who miss substantial amounts of school will fall behind their peers and struggle to catch up. Most of the work they miss can lead to gaps in learning. Friendships can be affected too, as it is hard for a child who is a persistent absentee to form positive friendships. Children can also miss out on the fantastic opportunities our school has to offer.

With this in mind we strive to support and help children and their families in achieving good attendance. If any of our families would like support with attendance please contact Mrs Hayes.

Reporting illness

If your child is unwell please telephone and report to the school office on 0151 477 8110. If you do not make contact a staff member will try to make contact with you by telephone, text or home visit. Unauthorised absences may result in referral to Knowsley’s Attendance Service or an Educational Penalty Warning notification being issued.


We realise that sometimes appointments within school time are necessary but we encourage parents/carers to make these outside of school whenever possible. If it is unavoidable please provide an appointment card or letter as medical evidence or this will be unauthorised.

Holiday/Leave of absence

There is no parental right to leave during term time unless there is a case for exceptional circumstances. A leave of absence should be put in writing addressed to the Headteacher. Each application is carefully considered and you will be notified by letter of the outcome.

Unauthorised holidays/leave of absence can result in referral to Knowsley Attendance Service and may result in a fine being issued.


At St Aloysius we reward and recognise children for each half term and have many different awards and opportunities to achieve. We pride ourselves in recognising and rewarding children each half term so that children can continuously strive to achieve.

Each half term we recognise and reward those children who meet 96% and above. Children who receive 100% attendance are also entered into a prize draw to win a toy voucher.

Class Rewards

Each class has a PERFCT ATTENDANCE sheet to mark off each day. If they have 100% they can colour a letter. Once they have competed their Perfect Attendance sheet they win a pizza party for their class.

Each week the classes compete against each other in our Stars Attendance Board.

  • Green 96%-100%
  • Yellow 94% – 95.9%
  • Red 93.9% and below

At the end of term, the class with the most green stars will win £50 for their class. The children will then discuss and debate how they will use their reward.

We also reward the class with the most improved attendance on a half termly basis. Our attendance ambassadors work together to decide on the reward for that term. 

Attendance Ambassador

At St Aloysius we have a wonderful team of Attendance Ambassadors who were voted for by their peers during our democracy lessons at the beginning of the year.

The Attendance Ambassadors are responsible for the day to day monitoring of attendance within their class. They work closely with their peers, class teacher and Mrs Hayes in implementing our attendance policy and striving to improve whole school attendance.

Meet our fantastic team of Attendance Ambassadors

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