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Art and Design at St Aloysius

At St Aloysius every child is an artist!

Our Art and Design curriculum has been crafted so that our children have the opportunity to learn about many artists and develop a range of artistic skills. We want our children to remember their Art and Design lessons and to embrace opportunities that they are presented with.

Every term, each year group follows the same structure of learning so that from Reception to Year six the children know what to expect during their art lessons and those expectations are well embedded by the time the children reach Key Stage Two.

We are currently running an art club in KS1 and upper KS2 which takes place weekly, they children have produced some great pieces of work.

There have been lots of exciting opportunities in school recently. Reception worked with a local artist Cherie Grist to create a collage and the whole school took part in the Knowsley Borough of Culture project.

Knowsley Borough of Culture- The Owl and The Pussycat Project

Each class read The Owl and The Pussycat poem. They were then given clues such as owl footprints and feathers, they had to guess whether we would be receiving an owl or a pussycat sculpture.

After this, the children were then given an owl template and each child created their own design. We then chose two overall design winners and a project team.

The design winners worked together to create their final design and met with the project team to share their ideas.

The whole team then worked with the local artist John Culshaw to get their design onto the sculpture. Our school also won a competition for Merseyside Police and a child’s design was displayed on police vans.

Showing the children that we are proud of their work is important to us which is why we display their work around school and get involved in local activities and competitions.

To access more information about what the Department for Education set out as the National Curriculum for Art and Design, please click the following link:

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