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Welcome to our staff team 2023/2024


Miss S Wrigley: Headteacher
Mrs O O’Brien: Deputy Headteacher
Mrs A O’Callaghan: Assistant Headteacher/Inclusion Manager (Maternity Leave)


Miss A Harrison: Nursery Teacher (Early Years Phase Leader)
Miss E Starkey: Reception Teacher
Miss B Spratt: Reception Teacher
Miss R Colfar: Teacher/PPA
Miss R McAllister: Year 1 Teacher
Mrs J Phillips: Year 1/2 Teacher (KS1 Phase Leader)
Miss T Jones: Year 2 Teacher
Miss E Smith (Maternity Leave): Year 3 Teacher
Mrs C Boyd: Year 3 Teacher
Mrs T Rathbone: Year 3/4 Teacher (LKS2 Phase Leader)
Mr D Williams: Year 4 Teacher
Miss A Lloyd: Year 5 Teacher
Miss B Spall: Year 5 Teacher
Mrs C Schoon: Year 6 Teacher (UKS2 Phase Leader)
Mrs E Cieslar: Year 6 Teacher
Miss G Buckland: Year 6 Teacher
Miss H Evans: Teacher
Mrs A McMullan: Teacher/Music Teacher


Mrs R Telfer-Clarke: Learning Mentor
Mrs J Hayes: Learning Mentor/Attendance
Miss L Atkinson: Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Howden: Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Gilbert: Teaching Assistant
Mrs P Smyth: Teaching Assistant
Mrs K McKenna: Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Hearity: Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Millington: Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Kinsella: Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Gornell: Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Horsford: Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Lloyd: 1:1 Support
Miss K Smith: 1:1 Support
Mrs L Guy: 1:1 Support
Miss L Metcalfe: 1.1 Support
Mrs S Radford: Teaching Assistant
Mrs B Healy: Breakfast Club Supervisor
Mrs J McVey: Midday Supervisor
Mrs L O’Neill: Midday Supervisor
Mrs S Midghall: Midday Supervisor
Miss H Hayden: Teaching Assistant
Miss L D’Cruze: Teaching Assistant


Miss S Love: Business Manager
Miss A Doran: Administrator
Mrs C Ash: Admin/Clerk to Governors
Mr P McKenna: Site Manager




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