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“What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean”
Isaac Newton

Early Years

At St Aloysius, the teaching of Science begins in Nursery.  Every child is encouraged to explore and observe the world around them through hands on, real life experiences.  We aim to inspire curiosity, awe and wonder in our smallest children, preparing them to transition to KS1.


After leaving EYFS, our children move to KS1 and begin to access the National Curriculum for Science.  Children build upon the exploration and observational skills they acquired in Reception and begin to develop their knowledge and enquiry skills of the Science Curriculum.


Children progress to KS2, building upon the knowledge and skills they need to complete their Primary Science journey.  They develop their scientific skills and enquiry through investigations and experiments. 

Science Week 2024 


At St Aloysius we are proud members of the Ogden Trust Partnership.

This is a collaboration between a number of schools in the area with a focus on raising the profile of Physics and STEM within the Primary Curriculum.  This initiative runs from Nursery through to Year 6, beginning with Science Talk vocabulary projects in EYFS through to Navy Seal and Engineer visits and workshops in Year 6.  This is an ongoing partnership which is developing a real love for all things Physics and STEM within our children.

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